4 Ways We Help You Save Money on Your Media Buys

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4 Ways We Help You Save Money on Your Media Buys

1. Free Media Audit

Give us 1 year of your media bills, and we will audit them for free. When we’re done, we’ll show you what we would have paid for that same media schedule. We can typically buy media at lower rates than our clients can, often saving them a substantial amount of money because of our buying power. We usually see savings of 15% or more.

2. No Waste

We will also show you how we eliminate waste in your media buy, making it more efficient and effective. We have access to data that allows us to find media outlets that fit your target audience the best. We can also compare the times and dates of the calls/orders you receive against your media schedule to see, in even greater detail, which media outlets have the best performance. This allows us to help you get more of the right people to see your ads without spending any more money. We helped one client get 30% more of the right people seeing their ads while paying 20% less.

3. You Won’t Get Overcharged

Just because your media invoices say that the amount due is X doesn’t mean that is what you really owe. We manage your media budget, ensuring your spots aired when they were supposed to and got the ratings they were supposed to. We take credits when they don’t, make sure your “make goods” run, and audit all your media bills each month for accuracy. This way, you only pay what you actually owe. In addition, we handle meeting and dealing with all the media reps, so you don’t have to. This frees up your time to focus on other tasks. One of our audits found that a client was overpaying on their TV buy for 5 years. The TV station didn’t bother to let them know, but we did.

4. Added Value (i.e., Free Stuff)

What is added value? Things like extra spots at no charge, remotes (stations broadcasting their show from your location), billboards (short on-air mentions about your company), and so on. “Added Value” gets you more exposure without paying more, and we always ask for added value when negotiating your media schedule.

If having a more effective media buy while paying less sounds appealing, and if you’d like only to pay what you really owe, contact us here.


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