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At Pure Energy Advertising we often talk about our “3-legged stool” approach to advertising. What’s that? We think every ad campaign should contain at least 3 elements. For example, one campaign might contain Digital Banner Ads, Cable TV & Radio. Another might contain CPC Ads, Outdoor & Radio (i.e. Pandora/Spotify). Using “at least 3” elements is the key.

Why at least 3? Hitting your target audience with the same ad message from different sources increases your penetration rate and the frequency at which your ad message is seen and/or heard. This increases the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Think of a stool with only 1 or 2 legs. That kind of stool wouldn’t be very effective. But a 3-legged stool, like a 3-legged ad campaign, strikes the right balance. If you’d like to contact us to talk about your next campaign just click here (link to contact page).


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